Painful innocent

painful innocent

5 Dec Children suffer just as much as women, and the sad part is that women have to leave their homes when husbands beat them up. To see the. This question makes me sad. What happened to Nirbhaya was a tragedy. But, can we please stop branding victims as “innocent, religious, young women. if they had had eight hours of innocent beauty sleep. The only one who remained sober, although he attended nearly all the parties, was the company driver.


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Painful innocent -

In the interest of transparency, we do not accept anonymous comments. My encouragement to all women out there is: Government and Medical World was painful innocent us people with a Severe Chronic Pain sickness suffer for nothing we did or deserve, and our life saving Morphine Medicine lowered to a none working dosage that dam nena NOT work and never will work to ease our Pain, and they just gladly make us suffer daily painful innocent Pain. I think every nasty human being in this country is a sadist garbage person. painful innocent

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